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Innovative Elevator can help you find the right fit for your project, just use our design spec links.

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Design Specifications from manufacturers

Passenger Elevator - An elevator used primarily to carry persons.

  1. Passenger Traction Specs - OH Geared, OH Gearless, Basement Traction
  2. Passenger Hydraulic Specs - Holed type, Holeless Dual Jack, Holeless Dual Roped
  3. Passenger Machine Room-less Specs


Freight Elevator - An elevator used primarily for carrying freight and the operator or persons necessary for unloading and loading the freight.
  1. Freight Elevator Specs
  2. Car Lift Specs


Residential Elevator - A power passenger elevator which is limited in size, capacity, rise and speed, and is installed in a private residence, or in a multiple dwelling as a means of access to a private residence.
  1. Residential Elevator Specs


LULA Elevator - Limited-use Limited-Application, a power passenger elevator in which the use and application are limited by size, speed, rise and capacity.
  1. Lula Elevator Specs


Handicap Lift  - a powered hoisting and lowering mechanisim designed to transport mobility-impaired persons on a guided platform that travels vertically.


  1. Handicap Lift Specs


Dumbwaiter - a hoisting and lowering mechanism equipped with a car of limited size that is used exclusively for carrying materials.

  1. Dumbwaiter Specs


Material Lifts - a hoisting and lowering mechanism for the purpose of transporting material, on which no persons are permitted to ride.

  1. Material Lift Specs



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