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From floor lock-outs to wall mounted cameras or mirrors, Innovative Elevator can insure a safe ride.

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    Elevator security systems, also called elevator access control, is an automated way to monitor, control, and restrict access and enhance overall building security. Our system simply locks out the elevator push buttons until a code has been entered either by swipe card, keypad, touchpad or a key fob. These systems are designed to secure up to 32 landings and features up to a 6 digit code for up to 600 users, as well as a fire override.

    • Used inside the elevator, a security system can restrict access to private floors
    • A swipe pad at the landing can control who has access to the elevator
    • Businesses can use it for visitor control
    • Hospitals use it to initiate "code blue" emergency service
    • Schools can restrict access during school hours
    • In care facilities can use it to protect patients 
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